50 Shocking Signs You Lack Self Awareness

Here are an additional 50 Shocking Signs you lack self awareness:

1. You Micromanage

2. Nothing is ever your fault.

3. You get defensive.

4. You say things you don’t mean.

5. You can’t laugh at yourself.

6. You think you’re a good listener.

7. You are vague

8. Unable to make a decision

9. You’re passive aggressive.

10. Mood swings

11. Ego Manic

12. Living in Denial

13. Always put others first

14. Don’t live in reality

15. You’re a bully

16. Jumping in elevator before people can exit

17. Talking loudly on your cell or desk phone

18. Potty mouth

19. Anger

20. Strong perfume or cologne

21. Sensitive conversations in close space

22. Continually carrying-on personal business

23. No eye contact during conversations

24. Limp handshakes

25. Leaving dirty dishes or messes in the sink, counter or microwave

26. The habitual act of roaming the halls to chat and waste time

27. Texting, typing or answering the phone during one-on-one conversations

28. Dressing like a hooker or pimp

29. Bad breath

30. Body odor

31. Smacking gum

32. Eating strong-smelling food at your desk while the aroma fills the office

33. Stealing company snack foods from the company kitchen

34. Stealing stuff, period

35. Smoking at the building entrance

36. Throwing cigarette butts anywhere but the trash

37. Leaving voice mail messages that simply say, “call me” without saying the reason for the call

38. Not flushing the toilet

39. Not washing your hands before leaving the restroom

40. Speeding in the parking lot

41. Taking two parking spots

42. The habit of bringing children to work

43. Telling someone they’re fat or need to work out

44. Assuming people want to hear about your latest non-life-threatening and disgusting medical issue

45. Excessive smoking

46. Excessive consumption of alcohol

47. Talk over others or interrupt conversations

48. Frequently change direction or initiatives of your team without explanation

49. Answer cell phone or play on cell while others are talking to you

50. Lack of Respect for others

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