Books by Cara Bramlett

Let this little how-to book walk you through building your mental strength in a knockout 12 step bootcamp!  
Start your journey with an eye-opening mental strength quiz and finally know your mental toughness!
Cara Bramlett’s Servant Leadership Bootcamp is a great tool for improving the ability to lead others with passion and purpose. Cara provides an amazing Bootcamp experience through purposeful techniques such as the Mental Strength and Self-Sabotage quizzes. Personal anecdotes and real-life scenarios help illustrate the positive impact of using GRIT to succeed personally and professionally. The Bootcamp Workbook is a must-use tool that assesses strength so you can OWN it and USE it. Whether you lead up, down, or laterally, this is truly a 12-step Bootcamp that works.
MaryAnne Rutkowski
Provider Experience Director

Servant Leadership Roadmap

Servant Leadership
Master the 12 Core Competencies of Management Success with Leadership Qualities and Interpersonal Skills! Feeling overwhelmed? Unsure where to begin leading your team?
Invest in this roadmap to discover the simple steps to leadership success! Finally, a blueprint to discover employee engagement, razor-sharp focus, and game-changing leadership!
I absolutely loved this book! It puts such a great perspective on a positive mindset. It makes me want to be a humble and inspiring leader. Anyone who works in a leadership role or is looking to move into a leadership role should read this book!
Candice Huggins

Mental Toughness for Servant Leaders

How to avoid bad decisions through controlling emotions!

Free resource!


Leading with the Clinical Mind

This book is perfect for new managers or anyone wanting to refresh their skills.  The no-fluff approach gets straight to the point!  Learn how anyone can be an effective leader!  
This book will take you management concepts through fun medical analogies.  You may even learn a little about practicing medicine, too!
This is an amazing and much needed book. As a nurse educator I can relate to so many topics in this book! It is extremely relevant because we often choose good clinicians to be leaders and forget to give them leadership training and/or equip them with the tools they need to succeed in leadership. Being a good clinician doesn't always translate to being a good leader, it takes a different skill set such as skills taught in this book. This would be an excellent book for anyone in leadership or anyone who is training staff regarding leadership. It breaks things down in an easy to read manner and is written in a way that you can refer back to it quickly as needed. Excellent resource!
Brandi Jones
RN Leader

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