How to Dominate Mental Strength in One Simple Move

They did it again.

No wonder they are favorites.

They are just lucky.

Ever wonder how some leaders have rock-star teams and generate high outcomes.  What do you tell yourself?  Do you feel like you couldn’t manage a team to high performance?  Or do you feel a little jealous?

If you are reading this page, you feeling the need to up your mental strength.

Perhaps you have been told you are a weak leader, emotional, or wear your heart on your sleeve.  Find yourself questioning your decisions, your skills, or your ability to lead.

Realize you are a leader.  Everyday.

Everyone is a leader.  Every day you lead up, across, and down.  Leading down is the most common as you provide your team direction or manage your family.

Leading up and across is by influence.  You may not tell your partner or other managers what to do.  However, you give an indisputable case to why your way is the best.

What is this one simple step?

It’s grit.

Grit is having perseverance and passion.

Perseverance sustains you long after motivation fails.  It provides focus and will power to dig deep when nothing is left to give.  Grit is about perseverance of what you are the most passionate.

Passion is your fire. It’s what excited you and gives you meaning.  It is the mojo that keeps you going in times of difficulty and struggle.

Grit is the secret sauce of your servant leadership journey.

You are not alone on this journey.  You face personal trials and leadership challenges.  Each of us face obstacles every day.  GRIT leads you through hardships.

As a servant-leader, you create an environment of growth and development—the perfect environment to foster the development of grit.  It’s a place where your leadership welcomes challenges as opportunities.  Environments that pick up adversity by bootstraps and takes thriving leaders to the next achievement.

Stand taller. Show self-confidence in all your decisions.  You have the ability to crush self-doubt, control your emotions, and create a culture of a thriving high-performing team.

You own grit.  You are unique.

No one leads like you.  No one has your style or influence.  You are an expression of your own experiences, trials, and victories.  These little endeavors have shaped you.

In your journey, be honest with yourself.  Have an open growth mindset.  Change and develop what is needed.  There is no right way.  There is only your way.

Mental strength through grit is the foundation of servant leadership.  Grit cultivates the desire to lead and serve those led.

Embrace your passion.  Cultivate your perseverance.

Want to know where your mental strength stands? Take the quick mental strength quiz.  Are you a champion, warrior or trooper?

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