Mental Strength Quiz

I can push through when I feel I have more to give.

After a poor performance, I can pick myself up and refocus.

I set goals for myself regularly

I can hang in there even when I'm having a bad day.

I always set goals for meetings and for my team.

I can focus well or better under pressure

High pressure environments and conversations don't phase me.

I can still relax even with high pressure

Under pressure, I continue to make good decisions.

I am able to maintain my emotions in difficult situations.

I am able to focus and block out distractions during important tasks.

When I have distractions in my personal life, I can stay focused.

I can push through mental barriers.

When my focus is required in time-consuming tasks, I can stay focused.

I am able to stay focused on my tasks and not get distracted by others.

I am getting the maximum out of my leadership and skills.

I feel like a failure when I don't achieve my goals.

When self-doubt creeps into my mind, I find it hard to overcome my thoughts.

After poor performance, I lose belief in my self and my skills.

I often doubt my ability and skills to achieve my goals.

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