self sabotage

The results show you are a Self-Sabotage Warrior! You are frequently straddling the fence.  You are able to suppress self sabotage thoughts, however, suppression requires significant effort.  This wasted energy would better serve you working on your long-term goals and discovering your passion.

Each person is unique.  Refocus your self sabotage on self love and discovering your best self.  Continue working on your mental strength as an antidote to self destruction.  You can use the bootcamp to reinforce what you know and learn new tricks to suppress your inner critic!

The below books are some of my personal favorites!   Each will help you discover your and others strengths.  Additionally, provide ways of showcasing each of your skills!  Enjoy!

Quiet Your Inner Critic!

My #1 Favorite!
Imposter Syndrome is a persistent feeling of self-doubt, incompetence, and inadequacy, despite evidence that reflects otherwise.  This book will help quite that inner voice and set you on a new path of self-confidence!

Roadmap to Success!

Master the 12 Core Competencies of Management Success with Leadership Qualities and Interpersonal Skills! Feeling overwhelmed? Unsure where to begin leading your team? Invest in this roadmap to discover the simple steps to leadership success! Finally, a blueprint to discover employee engagement, razor-sharp focus, and game-changing leadership!

Discover Your Value!

This little gem comes with a strength based quiz.  You will discover over 24 different strength based themes and how to leverage your strengths! 

Discover Your Leadership Strength!

This book focuses on three elements of being an effective leader.  The elements include knowing other’s strengths, knowing your strengths and getting the right strengths on the team.
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