Bootcamp Favorites!

Quiet Your Inner Critic!

My #1 Favorite!
Imposter Syndrome is a persistent feeling of self-doubt, incompetence, and inadequacy, despite evidence that reflects otherwise.  This book will help quite that inner voice and set you on a new path of self-confidence!

Bootstrap Leadership

This book is a blueprint for developmental action plans!  Start with a self assessment to discover which activities would enhance your current skills.  The chapters/activities can be done in any order! A developmental must!

Discover Your Value!

This little gem comes with a strength based quiz.  You will discover over 24 different strength based themes and how to leverage your strengths! 

Discover Your Leadership Strength!

This book focuses on three elements of being an effective leader.  The elements include knowing other’s strengths, knowing your strengths and getting the right strengths on the team.
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