WARNING: 70% of Great Leaders Suffer This and Conquer It

That’s it. I cannot do this.

What was I thinking?

I feel overwhelmed. I am not good at any of this!

I get compliments. I just have them all fooled. I am terrible!

What if they figure out I my secret?

Guess what…You are not alone in these feelings.

Right now, thousands of leaders are in your shoes. Along each leader’s journey, one questions the ability to lead. The internal struggle shows through doubting skills, agitation, or frustration. Just like you are having.

Let’s recognize it and call the struggle what it is—the imposter syndrome.

70 percent of leaders experience imposter syndrome. Isn’t that shocking? Like you, I thought I was the only one!

Let’s break that down. Think of the ten top leaders you respect and model after. To make it more real, think of ones with who you interact. Now, only three of them have lived their professional careers not feeling as a fraud.

Seriously! Let that sink in for a moment!

Seventy percent felt they were impostors in their positions!

You are right there in the same boat as the leaders you respect. See, you are in good company!

The root of this cancerous imposter syndrome is self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is deliberately destroying, damaging, or obstructing with purposeful intent. Deliberately. There is no rational reason. It just happens. You are pushing forward, and suddenly, you come to a screeching halt and turn on yourself.

Why do this to yourself?

Give yourself a break! Self sabotage is a defense mechanism to cope with high expectations and high stress situation.

The degree of self destruction is rooted in your perceived self-worth and self-confidence. Think of self confidence as how you view your ability to be successful at what is placed in front of you.

Low self-confidence makes you feel worthlessness. You may downplaying other’s success or you may give someone else power to put you down. You may just use your own power to put yourself down.

Recognize self-destructive thoughts as poison. Don’t let these self-destructive thoughts leave your mind and contaminate your soul.

You can do this very simply.

Stop the thoughts in their tracks. Yes, do it!

When these little monsters of destruction enter your mind, recognize them. Acknowledge you are coping. Identify the stress. Then, manage the stress.

Control the thoughts so they don’t control you.

Take the Self-Sabotage Quiz to find out if you are your own worst enemy. The quiz will help you identify if you are a Self-Sabotage Champion, Warrior, or Trooper.

If any of these self-sabotaging themes are controlling you and holding you from moving forward, consider getting additional help such as counseling. Counseling can reveal the underlying cause of the behavior and provide a road to move forward.

Counseling is another way to push you out of your comfort zone and develop mental strength. If you are stuck, get help.

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